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Public Water Future

Poster for Eau de Paris, the French capital's water utility, that was brought back into public hands in 2010 and reported 91% customer satisfaction in 2015. Effective public utilities are able to reinvest in improving services for the public rather than rewarding corporate executives and wealthy private shareholders.

In April, TNI co-published the book Our Public Water Future that unveiled the sheer scale of public rejection of water privatisation. The book reveals 235 cities that have reversed privatisation of water services in the last 15 years – many of them as a result of work by partners in the Reclaiming Public Water network that TNI has facilitated since the early 2000s.

The findings received major international media coverage (including international press agencies, and media in the UK, USA, India, Italy, South Africa, Nigeria, Indonesia, Spain and France). In one Italian newspaper, Repubblica, the article on the report received 2 million likes.

The book has become a major reference point for movements worldwide and proved to be a remarkable catalyst for strengthening advocacy work and capacity-building in support of public water worldwide.