Rachmi Hertanti

Executive Director of Indonesia for Global Justice

Indonesia for Global Justice was formed in 2002. We focus on free trade agreements, liberalisation, and international bodies such as the WTO and ASEAN.

These issues are important to Indonesia, because many of these agreements give a lot of protections for investors and have allowed transnational corporations to dominate our national economy and influence our national policies. This has really had negative impacts on people. For example, we see extractive industries and palm oil corporations grabbing land from indigenous communities. Free trade agreements have become the tool used by corporations to act this way.

We started working with TNI in 2014, doing research on how bilateral investment treaties were limiting regulation of the mining industry. We have also worked closely with TNI on the campaign to dismantle corporate power, building a national campaign in Indonesia against corporate crimes, participating in Global Days of Actions, and working cross-regionally.

It’s great to work with TNI especially on corporate power and the proposal for a treaty of binding regulations on TNCs. We have seen how mining corporations use investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) protections to defend their interests, and plan to expand our investigations to look at the palm oil, mining sector and infrastructure sectors. Our collaboration has been critical for building our work in the future.