Prof. Achin Vanaik

Professor of International Relations and Global Politics, Delhi University

Achin Vanaik re-joined the TNI fellowship after the tragic death of his close friend and TNI fellow Praful Bidwai. He has focused on promoting Bidwai’s legacy, notably ensuring his book on the Indian left was posthumously published and organising the launch of the Praful Bidwai Memorial Award. In 2015, Vanaik’s own book After the bomb – reflections  on India’s nuclear journey was published, explaining how India moved from a position of advocating for global nuclear disarmament to becoming a nuclear power and outlining his ideas for what can be done to advance global disarmament. Throughout the year, Vanaik frequently spoke out against actions taken by the right-wing Modi government, particularly those affecting civil society groups that have faced a series of legal measures restricting their activities. He is also active in organising an annual School of Marxism, a broad-based educational programme for students and community organisers.