Partner with movements

Special relationship with Myanmar

TNI works closely with movements in many countries worldwide, but has a unique 20-year  relationship with Myanmar. This longstanding work has proved invaluable as the resource-rich southeast Asian nation enters a critical moment of political transition. Ensuring that the benefits of opening up the economy are justly distributed is a major challenge.

TNI’s expertise on drug policy, foreign investment and agrarian issues – as well as our historical sensitivity to Myanmar’s ethnic diversity – have made TNI a deeply respected partner for Myanmar’s nascent civil society.

In 2015, TNI facilitated, with partners, an unprecedented research project (+2600 respondents) on land grabbing and supported the creation of unique and new multi-ethnic, right-to-land network called Land In Our Hands (LIOH). This network has started to have an impact on national policy, as the new government included changes in drafts of the land policy concerning human rights and international tenure guidelines.

TNI also shared its expertise on investment, organising seminars and facilitating exchanges with experts in the issues from Asia. As a result, several significant Myanmar networks campaigned against the inclusion ofISDS in EU-Myanmar Investment Treaty and in Myanmar Investment Law. The pressure led the Myanmar government to exclude ISDS from its draft National Investment Law, while the EU delegation in Myanmar agreed to further consultations with the networks.