Dr. Daniel Chavez

Research Fellow, Coordinator of TNI’s New Politics Project

Daniel Chavez completed the manuscript of a book on state-owned companies, in both Spanish and English (provisionally entitled ‘The Return of Public Enterprise in Latin America’), and continued to lead the international network that has emerged to advance best practice in this area. The network held a seminar in Costa Rica in March, attended by over 70 participants from eight countries. In the second half of the year, Chavez laid the ground for a new TNI project on energy democracy, attending and speaking at key conferences on the issue in Johannesburg, Brussels and Paris (the last during the UN climate meetings). This work established the basis for a new TNI-hosted Energy Democracy network (with a planning workshop scheduled for January 2016, in Amsterdam). Chavez also laid the groundwork for a New Politics project that will also be launched in 2016, with the goal of encouraging thinking and international collaboration around desirable, viable and achievable alternatives to neoliberal politics and practices.