Dr. Ben Hayes

Independent researcher and consultant on security policies and civil liberties

Ben Hayes began the year with a major book, Building Peace in Permanent War, that he co-authored and which was also co-published by TNI. The book examined the impact terrorist listing has on peace and reconciliation in a number of conflict-torn regions in the world. Ben focused on the case of Hamas and the abject failure of the “peace process” in Palestine. The book prompted an article by Robert Fisk for the Independent (UK), reproduced on a number of sites and catalysing an article in de Morgen (Belgium). In November, Hayes completed a longstanding TNI book project, The Secure and the Dispossessed – How the Military and Corporations are shaping a climate-changed world. The book was co-published by TNI and Pluto Press, and was launched at a series of public events in London, Leeds, Amsterdam and Paris. Ben Hayes is also a frequent columnist at Open Democracy, writing on the dangers of current strategies for countering terrorism and violent extremism in reinforcing Islamophobia and curtailing civil liberties.